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Anonymous40784 started this conversation

There are many scams going around. Please avoid being a victim of these. Remember if something is sounds'too good to be true,its a scam.

Don't be a victim:


Many American men are getting taken by this one. Especially, if the women they are involved online is from/in a foreign country. These run along these lines; the woman/(object of their affection) begins to need monies: (a) for her or her family's LIFE will be in some type 'danger'; (b) due to some unforeseen circumstance she lost her money; (c) she is being 'held' in her country & cannot get out; (d) she (or a family member) have become 'sick' & need monies to 'save their life'.
Those are just a 'few' of the EXCUSES.

People if a man falls for such a scam, then YOU do not have to be a victim too. If this person should come begging you for monies because they 'fell for the scam', do NOT give it to them. Let it be that person's mistake to learn from. Why should you be responsible for their decisions?

*Many women falls for online dating scam right here in America. It goes like this, the man will meet with the woman. Then shortly he will have some pressing bills, need auto repair, etc & ask the woman for monies. Many times, he will convince the woman to let him move in with her. And, because she is 'now in love' & has found her 'Mr. Right'; she will find herself taking care of him. Only later, she will find out he was 'Mr. Wrong' and has other girlfriends, kids,wife,etc. Of course, she will find this out AFTER she has spent much money on him.

This is a painful lesson that she will learn. But, people do not give her your monies if she is short on funds. This is 'her lesson to learn' and not yours.

(2) If you sell something on Craiglist or another online site & someone sends you way more than you were asking (by CHECK, of course). Then they tell you to send some of it back after you cash the check. This is a different spin to a common internet scam.
*If anyone sends you a check, money order, etc & want you to send them a portion of it back then DON'T DO IT'.


People if a person does this. And, later complains to you that they need monies to keep from going to jail,etc. Do not send them any money. Its their lesson to learn, not 'yours'.

(3) If you are selling things online like on EBAY, & if its a item worth a nice amount of money then make sure you INSURE it or have the buyer to insure it. (a) Some packages DO get lost in the mail (b) Some people just say they never received it even if they do get it.
Either way, EBAY will refund the monies by taking it back from YOU (because you got the monies). So, protect yourself & make sure its INSURED.

(4) Getting emails from a friend or relative saying they are in a foreign country & need you to WIRE them money (because they lost their wallets,etc). Many are hacking into people's emails. They get the person's password,etc & send an email thats 'supposedly' is your loved one/friend/etc. However,its not from them. Once you WIRE or send the money its GONE.

So, I have been a good citizen and warn everyone.
Please be watchful & do not fall for any of these scams.

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